What is Marxism: A Look at Political Theory

Exploring the meaning, definition, and explanation of marxism: a comprehensive look at political theory

What is Marxism?

Marxism is a social, political, and economic theory that originated from the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the mid-19th century. It is a theoretical framework that critiques capitalism and proposes a pathway to a classless society. Marxism is not just a theory; it is a method of socioeconomic analysis and a call to political action.

The Core Principles of Marxism

Marxism is based on several key principles. These principles form the foundation of Marxist theory and provide a lens through which Marxists view the world.

The Materialist Conception of History

Marxism posits that the economic base, or the mode of production, shapes the political and ideological superstructure of a society. In other words, the way in which goods are produced and the relationships between workers and owners determine the nature of politics, law, religion, and culture. This is often referred to as historical materialism.

Class Struggle

Central to Marxism is the concept of class struggle. Marxists believe that society is divided into two main classes: the bourgeoisie, or the capitalist class who owns the means of production, and the proletariat, or the working class who sells their labor to the bourgeoisie. According to Marx, these classes are inherently antagonistic, and this conflict drives social change and historical development.

The Labor Theory of Value

Marxism also introduces the labor theory of value, which asserts that the value of a commodity is determined by the amount of socially necessary labor time invested in its production. Marxists argue that under capitalism, workers are exploited because they are paid less than the value of the goods they produce.

Marxism as a Tool for Critique and Change

Marxism is used as a tool to critique capitalism and advocate for social, political, and economic change. Marxists argue that capitalism is inherently exploitative and leads to social inequality. They propose that the solution to these problems is the overthrow of the capitalist system and the establishment of a socialist society where the means of production are owned collectively.

The Role of Revolution

Marxists believe that the transition from capitalism to socialism cannot be achieved through reform but requires a revolution. They argue that the working class, or the proletariat, must rise up against the bourgeoisie and seize control of the means of production.

The Vision of a Classless Society

The ultimate goal of Marxism is the establishment of a classless society, also known as communism. In this society, the means of production are owned collectively, and wealth is distributed according to need. Marxists believe that in such a society, social conflict will cease, and humanity will be free to develop its full potential.

Marxism Today

While the world has changed significantly since Marx’s time, his theories continue to influence political thought and action. Marxism has been adapted and developed in various ways, leading to the emergence of different strands of Marxist theory, such as Leninism, Maoism, and Trotskyism. Despite its critics, Marxism remains a powerful tool for critiquing capitalism and advocating for social change.


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